Monday, February 06, 2006

Quest for the Code

Jesse has an Assistant Editor credit on a film about the Da Vinci Code phenomenon called Quest for the Code. You can visit the website and see an interesting trailer. It's a "reality show" approach that brings together four American college students of varying religious viewpoints who are on an investigative trip to places connected to the Da Vinci Code mythology. Look for a link here soon to Jesse's website that will feature online viewing of his short films.


Ludicrousity said...

I'm a little confused as to why people are taking this fictional novel and saying it might be factual. Wasn't is always intended to be a fictional work, not a point of controversy?

Glen O'Brien said...

Yes, it certainly is a work of fiction. Apparently Dan Brown makes the claim that his book is "based on actual history" or something like that. The problem is it buys into what a lot of people would like to think is true about the Church, people who don't really care about the accuracy of the history but would just like to have their prejudices confirmed by pseudo-historical truth claims. There has probably been more paranoia about the book on the part of Christians than there needed to be (Christians do tend to over react sometimes), but there are any number of really good books from reputable scholars, Christians (like Ben Witherington III) and others, who debunk the Da Vinci code history and unmask it for what it is - pure fiction.


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