Friday, February 16, 2007


The Boy Wonder's latest project is seeking funding. It's about Zombies on a train. Yes, that's right, Zombies...on a train. Need I say more? Actually I do need to say more because the zombie side of it is really just a vehicle for exploring marital fidelity, family ties, and living up to one's responsibilities. The film needs at least $12000 to make it viable, which is a miniscule amount for a short film like this. To visit the web site and see a promo short go to It's quite a large file so you might want to let it load for a while before you hit play. Some of my regular blog visitors have had a bit to do with Jesse's projects in the past. Maybe you guys would be willing to do a post on your own blogs to try to get the word out and the money raised. You never know, you might get thanked in the Oscar speech!


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