Friday, February 16, 2007


The Boy Wonder's latest project is seeking funding. It's about Zombies on a train. Yes, that's right, Zombies...on a train. Need I say more? Actually I do need to say more because the zombie side of it is really just a vehicle for exploring marital fidelity, family ties, and living up to one's responsibilities. The film needs at least $12000 to make it viable, which is a miniscule amount for a short film like this. To visit the web site and see a promo short go to It's quite a large file so you might want to let it load for a while before you hit play. Some of my regular blog visitors have had a bit to do with Jesse's projects in the past. Maybe you guys would be willing to do a post on your own blogs to try to get the word out and the money raised. You never know, you might get thanked in the Oscar speech!


Ross said...

I'm happy to do my bit to build awareness of Jesse's work. In return, all I'm asking for is a bit part in one of his future projects. I'd be happy to settle for something like being in a scene where my voice is broadcast over a loudspeaker, or doing a trailer voiceover.

Ludicrousity said...

SO it's finally moving forward! Yay! Wish him all the best for me. I can do soem blog promo. Better yet, I'll do email promo. It has a wider audience! But I couldn't get onto that site to see the promo, it told me I needed to log in to do that.

Nice to have you back in the blogging world Glen! I might not see that much of you this semester. You at college on Fridays? That's the only day I'm around.

Jesse said...
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