Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November"

I saw V For Vendetta last night with the Boy Wonder and Wisdom88. It's a corker. Best film I've seen this year no contest. How can the Warchowski brothers write two such great screenplays as The Matrix and this and churn out two absolute duds in between? Maybe it was the Aussie director on V that made the difference. It's Orwell, it's Brave New World, it's Bush's America, it's Thatcher's (and Blair's) England, it's the English Revolution, it's Anarchy in the UK, it's Zorro, it's the Phantom of the Opera and it's all rolled into one two and a half hour cinematic bundle. Why the original author of the graphic novel doesn't like it, I'll never know (it's way better than the last attempt to film one of his creations - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). OK, so it's propaganda for the Left but hey, haven't we been swamped with enough from the other side? Do yourself a favour and go see it.


Ludicrousity said...

I'm hanging out to see it, my brother said it was fantastic. Now i'll definitely have to go and see it! It's next on my list. Now all I need is some time... :) It sounds like a powerful commentary on our currnet global politcal situation

Mr. Imperial said...

Agreed, saw it with my wife. Amazing flick.


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