Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The King of the Hill Goes to Church


Sing Chee said...

A very interesting clip! It's fascinating the way different approaches to Church are explored. I had a good laugh at "Church is with me....I worship [God] when I drink my beer!" Great find!

Sing Chee

Waldo said...

This was a very interesting clip. I believe that the mega church is NOT the way to go in regards to church. The mega church has a lot to answer for in its teaching. Why let a church get to such a size where the Pastor cant be an efective leader.

Our sociaty has gone away from the reverence of God to wanting to be entertained. How many of our youth in the church know their bible well enough to give quotes???

If we started to focus more on the Word of God and less on trying to grow and entertain the congregation we would become more effictive workers for Christ.


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