Monday, June 11, 2007

Frank Capra Revisited

I have just read probably the best film review I have ever read. If you have the time (it's long but well worth it) read Rod Bennet's incredible essay on Frank Capra at Godspy. If you haven't seen It's A Wonderful Life or any of the other Capra films he discusses, it may not be as profound but if you know these classic films, I promise you that after reading this essay you will never hear the expressions "Capra-esque" or "Capra-corn" in the same way again! This essay and the film(s) it discusses will definitely find their way into my Theology and Film class next year. Click here to read it.

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Ludicrousity said...

How did I not knwo you ran a film a theology subject?! I would have taken that! But I'm out of electives!

The review was too long for me to read right now. Taking a break from an assignment right now. Too much work!!!!


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