Friday, July 13, 2007

Protestant Icon 1

Orthodox and Catholic Christians have plenty of icons both metaphorical and actual. We Protestants tend to settle on metaphoric icons only. If we were to write icons who might we include? This is "Martin Luther King of Georgia" by Br. Robert Lentz, OFM, ©1984. The text reads "How long shall justice be crucified and truth buried?" Tell me who you think deserves to be an icon.

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K E Alexander said...

If icons are "windows" into God and worship of God, then it's probably important that the person depicted points us that way. I like the icon of MLK Jr, but then I'm a southerner and lived in Atlanta 6 years. He is an icon. I'd vote for Wesley, of course, because he points us to full salvation, and a revelation of All that God is and has done for us and in us.


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