Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Difference Between Melbourne and Sydney

For those people who read my last post and wondered if there really were that many differences between Melbourne and Sydney you need to look at the "most viewed articles" comparison between the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald (with thanks to James Garth from whose blog I stole the image):

By the way I'm a Sydney person born and bred myself, but happy to be a Melbourne person by dint of my vocation.

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Ross McPhee said...

Each time I've visited Sydney. it's grown on me, but I could never live there. I just think of the fast paced lifestyle and the traffic problems compared to Melbourne. That's why on each visit, I stay near the city centre and travel around using public transport and walking. Last time I was there I walked across the Harbour Bridge (at street level), and went to the front gate of Kirribilli House. I don't know if Mr. Howard was home at the time. He might have invited me in for a cup of Milo and some ginger snaps, or he might have invited me out for a power walk.


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