Monday, September 03, 2007

The Jammed

Last Wednesday night I attended a charity screening for Project Respect of The Jammed, an Australian film, written, produced and directed by Dee McLachlan, about the trafficking of girls for use in illegal prostitution. It's a confronting film that reveals the ugly side of Melbourne and is a reminder that it is often upper middle class people who benefit from this evil trade. It makes you wonder how many more boutiques and galleries run by chardonay sipping socialites are built on the back of such exploitation and cruelty. It is certainly a film that makes you feel ashamed to be a part of that 49% of the human population that exploits members of the other 51% with such heartlessness. You can visit the film's website here. I heard about this screening through the Stop the Traffic campaign, a movement to put an end to the buying and selling of people for profit. Project Respect is an advocay group that work to protect women in the sex industry from violence and exploitation. You can read The Age review of the film here. Unfortunately, due to a technicality the film is not eligible for an AFI award which is a real tragedy because it is certainly deserving. If you've seen the film, and you think it has value, I encourage you to vote for it in the IF awards instead.

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Anonymous said...

that looks very interesting, id never really thought about it much as an issue... here... which i assume is not uncommon for people to think of their own country, particularly western super wonderfully everything fair ones..

might scrounge some dollars up and see that.

Sarah Sage said...

Hi Dad! Thought i should comment on your blog for you. Actually...i'm not gunna comment on them, i'm really just saying hi. They're all very good though. I saw that Miss Teen America thing on Rove the other sad :-( but funny.
I'm supposed to be doing an assignment at the moment but i thought i should fulfill my daughterly duty and say hi to my daddy. Don't worry it's just a draft so i won't get graded on it at this stage. I had to record myself in a pretend counselling session with someone. I don't know anyone in kingaroy so i had to do it with Brad's mum, how embarrassing. hehe. it went ok though.
Anyway, i better go. Hope you're having a great day.
Love Sar xoxo

Glen O'Brien said...

Lovely to hear from you Sarah. Batcave blogging community, may I introduce you to my beautiful first born child and oldest daughter Sarah Sage. Hopefully you will all come to know her well as she, from here on in, frequenetly visits the Batcave and leaves her "sage" comments. :) She has one of those Myspace thingys that the young 'uns have which I suppose I could visit to stay more in touch but I'm afraid I'm a died in the wool Blogger advocate (more user friendly for old blokes).


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