Saturday, August 22, 2009

10 Life Lessons from Sam Raimi

WARNING: Oblique spoilers ahead!

1. Always be nice to old gypsy ladies and give them what they want.
2. Do not attempt to leave an underground car park on your own after hours.
3. Keep your air conditioning vent well closed when in the vicinity of cursed doilies.
4. Keep well away from the body when attending a wake.
5. Do not attempt to exhume human remains from a grave in a heavy downpour of rain.
6. Killing your cat will not appease the devil.
7. When attending sceances make sure you kill the goat.
8. When you have a chance to eliminate your competition at it!
9. Never walk backwards on a train platform.
10. ALWAYS check what's in the envelope!!

And one from me - Do not go see Sam Raimi's latest film if you have a weak heart or are easily offended by over the top "Evil Dead"-style gore. If you do not fit either of these descriptions go and enjoy a good scary laugh.

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