Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Baptisms at Balwyn

Brothers, Simon (left) and Daniel Gor (below) were baptised on Thursday 8 December at Balwyn Wesleyan Methodist Church. They are the sons of the late Rev. Dr. Andrew Gor, and Helen Gor, former OMS missionaries to Hungary. It was a privilege to officiate at the service. Part of the liturgy read as follows: "Eternal Father, when nothing existed but chaos you swept over the dark waters and brought forth light. In the days of Noah you saved those on the ark through water. You brought your people out of bondage in Egypt through the sea and across the waters of Jordan into the land you promised them. In the fullness of time you sent your Son, nurtured in the water of a womb. He was baptized by John and anointed by your Spirit. He called his disciples to share in the baptism of his death and resurrection and to make disciples of all nations. Pour out your Holy Spirit to bless this gift of water and those who receive it. Grant that they may know the forgiveness of sins and that greater baptism of the sanctifying Spirit which will cleanse them from all sin and fill their hearts with love for God and neighbour." After being immersed the following words were spoken over them: "Simon [Daniel] I sign you with the cross, the sign of Christ. Do not be ashamed to confess the faith of Christ crucified. Be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to fight valiantly under the banner of Christ against sin, the world, and the devil, and continue his faithful soldier and servant to the end of your life. May Almighty God deliver you from the powers of darkness, and lead you in the light and obedience of Christ. Amen."

We sang this Charles Wesley hymn "For the Baptism of a Believer" during the service:

Come Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Honour the means ordained by thee!
Make good our apostolic boast,
And own thy glorious ministry.

We now your promised presence claim,
Sent to disciple all mankind,
Sent to baptize into your name,
We now your promised presence find.

Father, in [these] reveal your Son;
In [these] for whom we seek your face
The hidden mystery make known,
The inward, pure baptizing grace.

Jesus with us, you always are;
Effectuate now the sacred sign,
The gift unspeakable impart,
And bless the ordinance divine.

Eternal Spirit, descend from high,
Baptizer of our spirits thou!
The sacramental seal apply,
And witness with the water now!

O that the [ones] baptized therein
May now your truth and mercy feel,
May rise, and wash away [ther] sin –
Come, Holy Ghost, [their] pardon seal!

Remember your own baptism and be thankful!

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