Thursday, December 15, 2005

Frozen Stupid

My son, Jesse, a budding film maker currently in the US, has an opportunity to work there for three weeks as a sound person in an independent feature film called Frozen Stupid, a comedy about ice fishing to be filmed in the frozen wastes of Michigan. If you're a praying person you might ask that this comes off as hoped. It'll be great experience and pretty good money too. (Here's a picture of Jesse directing his last short film The Waiting Room).


Ludicrousity said...

Wow! That sounds really exciting! My brother is also a budding film maker, he's always shooting things around the place. I'll be praying for Jesse, sounds like an amazing opportunity!

Matt Bell said...

Whatever you do Jesse, Cathie and i are behind you 1000%. May God fill your cup to overflowing, and may you have an impact on others beyond your wildest dreams. Jesse, you're a credit to your parents, and the church. Many blessings!
Matt & Cath

Glen O'Brien said...

Sadly, Jesse didn't get the job. But, hey, he's still a legend to me!

Anonymous said...

Too Bad. I was on that shoot. The sound guy we had was a riot, but I'm sure your son would have been great too.
It was a fun movie to work on.


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